Nissan Ikhlassi

Nissan Ikhlassi

B.Arch. EPFL, OAA Intern

Nissan studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne).

As a student, she earned the BCV prize for project excellence working on a rehabilitation project in the city of Lausanne. She was also part of an award-winning team for a primary school design in Fribourg, Switzerland. She was praised for her seriousness, strong analytical skills and artistic sensibility.

Nissan has a keen interest in retail design; she understands the client’s interest in positioning themselves strongly in a changing market, and the importance of delivering a unique retail experience. As a project manager, she is focused on clear communication and an integral approach to design, building close client relationships to deliver services on time, while controlling budgets.

Nissan’s work and studies have taken her to Europe where she has cultivated an eye for design, and also a love of travel. With her sharp sense of direction, she’s the one to trust with a map.