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Transformation for a Community

We transformed this large existing heavy industrial building into a mixed use development for various functions within the community.  Uses include indoor soccer arenas, badminton courts, private school, religious temple, industrial workshops and storage spaces amongst others.


  • One of our roles was to obtain a permit for a previously built 100,000 sq. ft. four storey structure that had been inserted within the existing building that had occurred prior to our involvement


  • High level of coordination and organization to stay focused on obtaining the permit with many hurdles in the project’s way
  • Analyzing conceptually the existing building functions and new uses so that new interventions can be built to make it comply with today’s Code
  •  Working closely with the City of Toronto to gain their confidence and demonstrating that the work is being carried out correctly according to the documentation


  • Location: Scarborough, Ontario
  • Client: Gykan Enterprises Limited
  • Type: Existing Industrial converted
    and expanded into mixed use
  • Size: 300,000 sq.ft.
    Four Storeys