Birchmount Studios – Scarborough

  • Birchmount Studios – Scarborough
  • Birchmount Studios – Scarborough

Large existing heavy industrial building transformed in mixed use tenant studio development for various functions within the community


  • Wrap the existing building in a new contemporary building envelope for better energy performance, improved look to reflect the new fresh studio uses within the building
  • Consolidate the methods of attachment of new envelope construction onto existing building structure which was built in three stages – 1955, 1960, and 1976 – for a unified design aesthetic
  • Consolidating requirements from 2 active bylaws governing the site to ensure clients mixed use studio vision could be implemented


  • Developed energy efficient envelope to maximize energy cost savings
  • Harmonized spandrel and vision glass curtain wall facade
  • Modular unit design


  • Location: Scarborough, Ontario
  • Client: Gykan Enterprises Limited
  • Type: Existing Industrial converted and expanded into mixed use
  • Size: 106,000 sq. ft. – Two Storeys